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While a closing may be a cause for celebration at a company, it can also be the cause of a nightmare for a company since it can instantly render all completed I-9s for an acquired company invalid.  If the acquiring company does not assume all the assets and liabilities, then the I-9s will likely not transfer.

In a merger case where the acquiring entity is a successor-in-interest, new I-9s will not be needed. However, I-9s should be checked in the due diligence process to ensure the acquired I-9s are in good shape.

Employers should consider adding I-9s to a merger checklist and have all employees of the combined company complete I-9 forms on the day of closing or beforehand.


Immigration Compliance Group works proactively with our clients involved in mergers and acquisitions or any diversification activity to efficiently address related immigration issues. We assist clients in performing due diligence investigations that must include a close analysis of the current immigration status of the employees, a determination of the impact of the corporate change on this status and filing of the applications necessary to maintain each employee's status. After a thorough evaluation, we advise and assist the client in implementing any immigration strategies that may be necessary. Whatever the circumstances, Immigration Compliance Group provides a complete range of services to ensure that the employer and all of its employees are adequately protected from the potential legal effects that the immigration laws may have in a changing corporate structure. Our Due Diligence Compliance Auditing and Consulting Services will assist employers in analyzing:

Historical risks;

Internal controls;

Target firm's I-9 and immigration records and policies;

Successor liability and responsibilities;

H-1B and pending Green Card employees: how solid are their visas?


HOW Immigration Compliance Group CAN HELP YOU

Immigration Compliance Group works proactively with its clients to provide comprehensive assistance in developing and maintaining best practices necessary to assure compliance with USCIS, ICE, SSA and DOL regulations.

Employer compliance is becoming more complex and enforcement (investigations and audits) is increasing. In order to effectively deal with these issues and avoid the very severe consequences for non-compliance, employers must take the time to develop a strategy and be prepared in advance with an Immigration Compliance Program.

Immigration Compliance Group will customize such a program for you and will provide onsite or telephonic training, consulting, and document auditing in all of the areas mentioned above, as well as provide ongoing compliance updates. For more information on our services, please contact us at

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